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An Alternative To Creatine

An Alternative To Creatine - Epiandrogin
Figure 1. An Alternative To Creatine - Epiandrogin

Intense movements such as heavy lifts, HIIT and sprints workout involve a lot of energy, which indicates they can quickly drain your power.

Creatine was firstly discovered in 1832 and it's the safest and most effective compound. Its abundant researches have been making it well trusted by many athletes in the sport industry.


It is tasteless and powerful. People will see the result in several weeks.


It promotes our natural energy just like having a nuclear atomic fusion reactor in your body.


For people who workout frequently, it helps boosting the rate of recovery between reps. Therefore, it is a great product in the industry of lean muscle dietary supplement.


Important gains in:

  • Recovery speed
  • Muscular size
  • Muscular strength


However, there's more in 2021:

Another product that works similarly but in a more effective ways than creatine, it is our epiandrogin.


They both increase the content level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) but their reaction routines are totally different.


Creatine needs to take time to convert testosterone to DHT. For people who are low testosterone or not much effort putting in the workout, it is obviously not effective for them.

Epiandrogin features the pro-hormone of dihydrotestosterone and testosterone, which provides more effective route to increase the content of DHT.

Research shows that creatine can double your lean muscle gain and strength when compared to the workout without taking it.

Then, what do you guys think the power of epiandrogin?

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