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Refund policy

Mega Muscles's 100% Customer Satisfaction Program
Figure 1. Mega Muscles's 100% Customer Satisfaction Program

Refund policy notice

Within 30 days from the date of purchase, we accept refund if any unopened products from Mega Muscles could not meet your complete satisfaction. Please read the following details for limitations.

Refund conditions

Full refunds are currently limited to customers in the United States. Due to the high expense of international shipping cost, a partial refund (70% of the order amount) will be returned to the account.

Full refund or replacement under special circumstances

A full refund or product replacement can only be applied to loss or damage caused by shipping. Only first-time customers who purchase no more than one product or one single item can request the refund or replacement.

Refund processing

When the refund is accepted, please wait 5-7 working days to complete the entire procedure.

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