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Product Information

Epiandrogin is a new generation of dietary supplement for bodybuilding while on a caloric deficit; its active ingredient can help you maintain muscle mass and strength while significantly reducing fat. The contained compound is a precursor of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) during the metabolic reaction. DHT is the primary metabolite, and it is five times more effective than testosterone at burning body fat and, more importantly, simulating amino acid uptake in our bodies. Tuna, skim milk, egg yolk, vitamin D, calcium, and other foods are natural sources of testosterone and DHT.

Epiandrogin is ideal for gym newbies who want to quickly reduce fat loss while maintaining or slightly increasing muscle mass. The effect of Epiandrogin is reliable, and it outperforms all muscle dietary supplements on the market today. DHT levels decrease with age, making it easier to gain weight but more difficult to build muscle. This prohormone shares many similarities with male hormones, but it also has some significant differences. It can prevent hormonal imbalance because it is a prohormone (non bio-active). The body will respond in accordance with the required content.

Epiandro Liquid


  • Rapidly accelerate weight loss while allow holding onto muscle mass as possible
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Significantly improve muscle density, hardness and strength
  • Dramatically increase the visibility of blood vessels on your muscles for aggressive look
  • Develop reproductive organs and masculine characteristics in men
    • Help you to become an Alpha Male

    Epiandrogen can produce impressive results during the cutting cycle. As a result, you can use it during your cutting cycle.

    Epiandrogin is a safe prohormone supplement as opposed to a dangerous and illegal steroid. It increases the metabolism of substances such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, which are necessary for the growth of lean muscle mass. If you are on a cutting cycle, most dietary supplements will not help you retain (or slightly boost) muscle while reducing fat content (reducing fat in your body).

    Comparison of DHEA isomers
    Table 1. Comparison of Prohormone Supplement


    Each vial contains 30 mL of supplements that are good for 30 days. Please shake well and take a dropper size (approximately 1 mL) before working out every day. It is also required on rest days. Depending on users' preference, take 1 mL at the morning, 1 mL at the afternoon and 1 mL at the nighttime to achieve maximum effectiveness of the product. Please don't exceed 3 mL daily.

    Take it orally and avoid letting the droplets contact the tongue to minimize the warming sensation. The absorption rate will be highest if taking it on an empty stomach.

    Besides enough workout, taking a lot of water and enough protein every day are required. Since the effect of epiandrogin can increase both bioavailable testosterone and dihydrotestosterone level, your body will reach to the optimal level of both substance. Therefore, the recommended period of use is two to three months.

    When the hormones in the body have increased to a sufficient level, it is necessary to use our products in the PCT Series to boost your rate of natural testosterone production and prevent muscle loss.

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