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Why Laxogenin Might Be The Next Best Supplement

Why Laxogenin Might Be The Next Best Supplement


Figure 1. Laxogin by Mega Muscles

We are pretty sure you are one of the professionals in the the physical training industry if you have heard about laxogenin. You are probably a bodybuilder or a professional athlete. For those who don’t want any hormonal effect, they will prefer plant-based steroids like laxogenin. However, if you never have heard any of it, this article can change your perspective on what laxogenin is and why it’s been getting popular in fitness supplements.


What is Laxogenin?


It is a fully natural plant-based supplement and its property is the top selling point. A lot of people currently prefer non-hormonal products over steroids that can be toxic to your organs.


It is extracted from a natural plant called Smilax Seiboldii, which is best known for simulating the growth of a plant. Similarly, it is beneficial for the human body as well. It can be taken by bloodstream transdermally or orally.


Laxogenin’s benefits


  • Fully natural compound extract from a plant 

It doesn’t have any artificial chemical compounds. So it won’t produce any negative side effects.


  • Promote muscular recovery and gain

Due to Its excellent ability of increasing protein synthesis, it promotes your muscles and

helps a lot for your soreness after intense exercises.


  • Support other important functions in your body

It can also reduce your stress hormones (cortisol) to prevent high blood pressure and high blood sugar content.


  • No hormonal effect

Unlike our DHEA isomer series, Laxogenin does not change your hormone. Because of this, it is also a great compound for any women who are non-pregnant.


  • No risk

The only side effect of Laxogenin (if consuming more than recommended dosage) is 



  • It can be combined with any other supplement in your stacks

Finally, you should consume your laxogenin at the same time with other regular supplements (if have any). The recommended dosage is 100-200mg per day depending on age and body composition. Recently, there are some scientific experiments about Laxogenin’s effectiveness. The effectiveness was proven by the users who had experience on it. Therefore, if you prefer fully natural rather than hormonal or synthetic supplements, Laxogenin is totally worth trying. Our LAXOGIN has the highest concentration and purity of laxogenin derivatives (aka 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin). It is certified by our excellent engineering team and equipments in our laboratory. Consuming non-pure laxogenin compounds contains other chemical substances that have not been studied in creatures.





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