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1-Andro: Liquid, Stack, Review, Dosage, Results and Side Effects


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What is 1-Andro?

1-Andro, known as 1-Androsterone or 1-DHEA as main rare ingredient compound, is a prohormone that helps in increasing muscle-building hormones like “free testosterone”. 1-androstenediol is the major metabolite that help in increasing athletic performance, reduce body fat, build muscle, improve healthy red blood cells (anti-aging property), and enhance sexual performance and libido. However, it was banned prior to the 2004 Steroid Control Act.

There is not much information available over the internet about the safe usage of 1-Andro and what potential side effects it can cause other than improving muscle-building hormones. Based on our customers’ experience, we never have any complaints yet because it is not a bio-active form of compound "steroid".

It is an ingredient used in supplement products and widely recognized by professional athletes and bodybuilders that can use it to gain lean muscle mass rapidly to the peak level. Aside from being the derivatives for natural body hormones, 1-Andro also increases the level of natural 1-testosterone to achieve top muscle strength.

Free testosterone is responsible for lean muscle growth and its level decreases as age increases, making your body gain weight easily and harder to build muscles. But once you consume the 1-Andro liquid by Mega Muscles, it will eventually increase the conversion rate and the amount of 1-DHEA into 1-testosterone, which is required to lean muscle growth. So, let us look at this new product recently introduced by the Mega Muscles.

The Best 1-Andro Product - 1-Androgin (Flavored 1-Andro Liquid) Products

1-Androgin designed and manufactured by Mega Muscles is a premium quality prohormone that surpasses all the effectiveness of lean muscle growth supplements at the dietary supplement market. You should know that its ingredients are widely recognized by most bodybuilders and athletes, who are using it to gain lean muscle fast to achieve peak level while improving athletic performance.

1-Androgin is available in liquid drops, making it easier for your body to absorb the vital ingredients effectively. Since it is one of the active prohormones, meaning it can avoid the chances of hormonal imbalance.

Your body will react accordingly to the requirement and covert 1-DHEA into the 1-testosterone hormone required for lean muscle growth. You wouldn’t believe that Mega Muscles has mastered the science behind gaining lean muscle and burning body fat at the same time.

Aside from developing 100% lean muscle growth, this product also aids with minimal water retention. It will naturally boost the percentage of 1-testosterone reproduction and avoid muscle loss.

1-Andro Stack

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Mega Muscles's 1-Andro Stack includes the latest generation of Pre-Workout (Pre-Workout+) and 1-Androgin. It is an epicatechin and 1-Andro liquid stack. It is referred to as a "Metabolic Bulking Stack" because it can increase fat burning rate and promote dry lean gain without causing water retention or estrogen conversion.

Before consuming this stack, they are all in liquid form, making this a very fast acting supplement stack for boosting nitric oxide, energy, and supporting the lean muscle building process. You can feel the nitric oxide is huge, insane, and addictive if you consume it before 20-30 minutes of workout.

What Exactly Is 1-Andro Liquid Supplements?

1-Androsterone is one of the legal prohormones available today. It is known for accelerating the reproduction of muscle-building hormones like testosterone, which is required for gaining lean muscle. 1-Androsterone is used as an ingredient in a wide variety of specially produced supplements for bodybuilders and athletes.

Once you consume these supplements, the body will react accordingly to improve several hormones (mainly testosterone). Since after the age of 30, the production of testosterone hormones reduces, leaving your body to gain weight and make it harder to burn fat.

With increasing concern about staying fit in the 30s, Mega Muscles has introduced their powerful 1-Andro liquid supplements; 1-Androgin is the king of prohormones. You should know that liquid supplements are absorbed effectively and faster than other supplements, increasing the strength of muscles while burning fat at the same time in people who lift weights.

1-Androgin will provide effective results when taken on a consistent basis as it will improve the health of your red blood cells, lean muscle gain, better metabolism, and effective absorption. When incorporating the 1-Androgin liquid supplement into your day-to-day nutrition requirement, you will experience the difference within a month, and for effective results where all muscle-building hormones are at the optimal level, you should stay consistent for 3-4 months.

But you should consult with your doctor before consuming any supplement in case you have any kind of medical condition because 1-Androgin might have potential side effects when interacted with other medications.

And make sure to follow the directions labels to consume the product with the right quantity. These 1-Andro supplements are manufactured using the unique prohormone available over the market that helps in gaining lean muscle mass and burning fat effectively.

Combing With 4-Andro To Get Better And Balanced Gain

If you are chasing your passion or side hustle in bodybuilding and becoming an athlete, you have probably heard individuals combining 1-Androgin with 4-Androgin to gain lean muscle faster. Most bodybuilders believe combining these powerful supplements will help them to have serious and balanced gains at a faster rate.

Although there are many users who have consumed products at the same time to improve the bulking stack, you should know that further studies are required to learn more about the effectiveness of this combination. You have to consult your doctor before consuming both 1-andro and 4-andro.

Since the properties of both products will be combined and form a strong version of 1-Androsterone, meaning you have to be well prepared in case anything goes sideways. You have to get a strong PCT to lose or recover the gains you have made throughout your journey. However, you should know that 1-Androsterone prohormone is quite expensive, and combining 4-DHEA prohormone will cost you more per your daily consumption.

But if it is not the case, you are spending around a hundred bucks for a complete cycle. Since the results may vary from person to person, it would be better to consume 1-Andro and 4-andro according to the doctor’s prescription.

If you are planning to start the consumption of both prohormones, you better prepare for every potential outcome in advance. And once you have started this cycle, you must stay consistent to see better results.

Mega Muscles has been thriving to provide its customers with premium quality supplements at reasonable prices. All products were under extremely serious quality control to maximize the effectiveness and safety of your cycle. Some studies have revealed that it helps gain some muscle size as it improves the production of growth hormone and ensures that your body reaches optimal hormones in minimal time.

But one should ensure to eat right and train hard enough because it is not a magic serum that you manage to gain muscle mass effectively.

What Are The Advantages?

1-Androsterone is a powerful prohormone that may have potential benefits depending upon your body’s absorption system. However, Mega Muscles have made this quite simple by introducing their latest product, a 1-Androgin liquid supplement, which can be taken sublingually to bypass the digestive system. So, let us discuss the advantages that you can enjoy after consuming a 1-Androsterone liquid supplement.

  • It aids in boosting the level of 1-testosterone, which is an essential hormone that every person aging above 30 years would need because testosterone hormones are required for rapid muscle growth. Everybody knows that the production of testosterone hormone is reduced after 30 years, making your body gain weight and more challenging to burn down fat.
  • It helps in bringing the obviousness in the distribution of blood vessels to make your muscle feel aggressive. This means it will make your muscle recovery speed faster because of increased blood flow mass.
  • Since testosterone is known as a muscle-building hormone, this supplement naturally converts the 1-DHEA components into testosterone hormone. This means you will be able to gain muscle mass and improve your strength.
  • You would believe that it will enhance the fat decomposition rate to ensure your body gains lean muscle faster. It will make you look more masculine and provide a definition of muscle separation.
  • The best part is it reduces the muscle recovery time after an intense workout, allowing your body to cool down faster. This means your body will absorb the vital ingredients and deliver them to tired muscles.
  • Another great advantage of using the 1-Androsterone liquid supplement is that it increases the level of nitric oxide. The nitrogen component combines with 1-Androsterone to maximize the pump in muscles, meaning during intense training sessions, your body will increase the blood supply into your muscle. It will provide you with an extra pump, allowing your body to improve the size of your muscle effectively.
  • Recent studies have shown that consistently consuming 1-Androgin liquid supplements by Mega Muscles has proved to enhance the athletic performance of individuals. You should know that the 1-Androsterone ingredient is quite popular among professional bodybuilders and athletes.
  • You can experience all the above-mentioned advantages when consumed in the right quantity. Therefore, it is better to consult with your doctor to know about the right dosage of this supplement to maximize the results. 1-Androgin can provide both cutting and bulking results, so you should take it when you are on a cutting and bulking cycle.  

1-Androgin (1-Andro) Performance - Results

Traditional supplements do not allow you to burn fat and gain lean muscle at the same time, but 1-Androgin has proven to provide effective results in developing lean muscles with minimal water retention.

Since it is among the few prohormones that are legal to consume, they actually undergo two stages of enzyme-catalyzed reaction and then converted into essential hormones according to your body requirements, meaning it will not cause any kind of hormonal imbalance.

Once your body reaches its optimal level of 1-testosterone hormone, it will aid in muscle protein synthesis, fat burning, strengthen muscles, and reduce protein breakdown rate. Recent studies have shown that 1-Androsterone helps in boosting the level of bioavailable testosterone hormones that are effective in getting more lead muscles.

And it was recorded that the participants were able to achieve optimal levels after one month by consuming oral testosterone supplements. In the following month, bioavailable testosterone begins to fall back to its equilibrium level. Above all, if you consume the supplement for 3-4 months will enhance the level of hormones to its optimal level, allowing your body to get more lean muscles and burn fat at a fast pace.

What Are The Potential Side Effects?

1-Androsterone supplements contain synthetic androgen that converts 1-DHEA into essential muscle-building hormones (1-testosterone). But one should know that these supplements cause changes in the level of body hormones.

In return for these changes, your body can trigger some common side effects. Sometimes in men, consumption of 1-Androsterone supplements can reduce the rate of natural testosterone production.

1-testosterone would not aromatize to estrogens and convert to DHT. Therefore, it has the minimal side effects across all the Androgin products. Let us discuss the common side effects that men may experience.

  • You may experience various mood swings and sometimes burst into anger.
  • You may experience only dry gain of muscle mass.
  • You might experience an oily skin temporarily.
  • You might experience an increase in hair shedding temporarily.
  • Suppression of natural testosterone production temporarily.

In contrast, women who are consuming 1-Androsterone supplement may experience opposite effects and acquire male sex traits. Some of the common side effects experienced by women are listed below:

  • You might experience acne-causing your skin cells to have more pimples.
  • These supplements might deepen your voice rather than keeping it pitchy.
  • You may experience abnormal growth of your body and facial hairs.
  • You might get male pattern baldness causing your body to develop similar traits.
  • It might cause coarsening of your skin.
  • Women most often experience abnormal menstrual periods.
  • You might feel depressed after consistent use.

Final Words

1-Androgin is among the few legal and powerful prohormones, and results have shown that it is a better supplement for muscle building than other supplements produced by the industry. It will aid in boosting natural 1-testosterone levels, which is necessary for gaining lean muscle, increasing muscular hardness, bloat reduction, boosting strength, and faster muscle recovery.

If you are looking for a muscle-building supplement, 1-Androgin is the best option available on the market, now allowing you to bulk lean muscle and cut down body fat at the same time. rapidly. But one should know all these mild side effects of consuming 1-Androgin so that you can be prepared and maintain your goals. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Mega Muscles and order your 1-Androgin today.

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